Your safety, our priority.
Your savings, our priority

At Can-Do Hire Centres your on-site
safety is our absolute priority, so we
insist that you consider the safety implications of the equipment you're
hiring, each and every time.

We provide you with all the operational guidance you'll need, and our health and safety advice is freely available, industry standard and completely up-to-date with current EU and UK legislation.

We also make it our policy to offer the most complete selection of safety accessories for sale at each of our branches.

We have a wide range of contractors' tools and equipment, janitorial supplies, personal protection equipment, and loads of accessories available for sale, but we also offer full power tool repair, testing and servicing - no matter what the brand, or
where it was purchased.

Safety Symbols

Throughout the product pages on this website and in our catalogue, you'll find the following safety symbols designed to act as a guide to safe operation of our hire equipment. These suggestions are considered to be minimum precautions and it is the customer's responsibility to assess and provide safety equipment necessary in each case.